Dream Team FAQ

What is the Dream Team?

The Dream Team is made up of Joy’s volunteers who are using their unique gifts, talents and resources to passionately serve and love people at Joy Church.

Who is a part of the Dream Team?

If you are a part of the serving team at Joy, in any capacity, you are a part of the Dream Team! Thank you so much for serving!

What is a Dream Team Meeting? What are they for?

It is our goal to equip our volunteers to serve, use their gifts more effectively and have weekly time to connect, cast vision, celebrate victories and be encouraged as a team. We take the time each week to meeting briefly with our Dream Team and encourage them before they are sent out to serve for the day.

What do Dream Team Meetings typically look like?

Every Sunday we will gather with everyone who is serving that day to celebrate the past week’s wins, cast vision for that service, pray together and get ready for the service that day. We also provide breakfast in our meetings for everyone on the Dream Team! We will meet together with all volunteers for the first 15 minutes, then split into our various serving teams for more specific direction for the day.

When are Dream Team Meetings?

Dream Team Meetings will take place every Sunday morning! We have 1 Dream Team meeting each Sunday; for both the first and second service. You will attend the Dream Team Meeting no matter which service you are serving at.The times are as follows: 8:00am (Prayer begins at 7:30 if you want to attend earlier)

Where is the Dream Team Meeting located?

The Dream Team meets in the Jr. High room next to the main church restrooms.

What about my kids?

It is our goal to make sure that your kids are well taken care of so that you are able to focus on serving and using your gifts! We have kids classes just for our Dream Team! That’s right, we have exclusive childcare for YOU when you are serving at Joy Church! When you take your child to Dream Team Babysitting, they will be given breakfast as well as taken to their children’s class for service so you will not have to worry about picking them up and dropping them back off again! We only ask that you use Dream Team childcare if BOTH parents/guardians are serving and only for the services/times that you are actually serving on the Dream Team. The times for Dream Team Babysitting are as follows: Pre-Service: Opens at 8:15am During First Service: 9:15am

Is there a Pre-service Prayer?

We are so glad you asked! Yes, we have pre-service prayer for our church and Dream Team every Sunday from 7:30am-8:30am in the Dream Team Center. We encourage all of our Dream Team to take advantage of this opportunity to pray and worship before they serve!

How will I know when I am scheduled to serve?

We use an incredible service called Planning Center Services to schedule and notify all of our incredible Joy Church Dream Team! Every time you are scheduled in the upcoming month, one of our Joy Church staff will email you via Planning Center Services. You should have already received a message from Planning Center Services which will prompt you to set up your account with your email and create a password. (If you haven’t received this email, please reach out to us and let us know!) You can now access Planning Center via their website, or log on via their app! You will be able to set up notifications to let you know when you are serving and accept/decline if you are available to serve! If you have any questions about Planning Center, please do not hesitate to let us know!

What if I am unable to serve on the day I am scheduled?

We send our schedule out about one month in advance for the coming month. If you know you will be unavailable to serve on a particular day, please decline the request in Planning Center Services, and type in a reason letting your department lead know why you will be unable to attend! If you know you will be out-of-town or unavailable for any reason in advance, you can also block out the dates on Planning Center so that you are not scheduled during those times. If you get sick on the day you are scheduled to serve, do your best to contact your department lead with as much notice as you can that you will not be available!

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